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Jake update

I am most sorry for leaving you hanging about the progress of Mr. Jake.  (our 1/2 sib)
He hasn't had a seizure since moments before his 3 week induced coma.   Well it wasn't 3 weeks straight.   More like 4 and then 10 and then several days coming out of it.

We're just so damn happy for this kid.    It's the best possible outcome.   I hope his progress continues to get better and better.

He is on medications that seem to be holding the seizures at bay and while he is in rehab they have been working to get the exact numbers of those medications right.

He had to go to rehab to relearn how to do everything.   and I mean EVERYTHING.    To walk, to talk, to hold his head up, to sit up, to swallow.   My friend (his mother) said that he was like a newborn baby again.   His body had lost all of it from the coma.   and I'm sure the meds and tubes didn't help.

His voice is higher now, like a sweet little mouse.   He fought off a stomach infection.  And he's been on TV to help the rehab center (he's the last shining star with his sister Olivia on the video).   He's a rockstar...and I'm proud to have children with 1/2 of his DNA make up :) ha ha

Can you even stand the cuteness that pours off of this kid !  Those dimples kill me.
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