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FET Aug 1st!

My period started 9 days later than planned, so the FET is scheduled for Aug 1st now instead of June 30th, which is right around the time we did Carly's transfer! Doing the transfer in August is actually better timing for work. Last time I had six weeks of Maternity leave and then I only had to go back to work for like two weeks and then we had 8 weeks off for summer!
We also decided with Dr. A's suggestion to thaw two frozen embryos and if they are perfect then only transfer two, but if they weren't perfect then she would thaw a third and we'd figure out what to do after that. Many embryos don't survive the freezing process. She told us about a patient that had something like 18 embryos and only a few survived. We also learned that embryos that are frozen for a longer periods of time don't have as high of survival rates as embryos that have been frozen for shorter periods of time. A fact that I wasn't aware of.
We picked up the giant BAG of medication and syringes. EEEK! It was only $1000 compared to $4000 for the IVF drugs. Our insurance covered $600 of it too, so it only cost $400! (SCORE!) My hysteroscopy went well also and it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it was going to be. It was less painful than some IUI's i've had in the past, but then again I did those before having Carly.

Waiting an extra month is actually going to be great! We're going to take advantage of it. We enrolled Carly in Swimming Lessons! We start Thursday at 6pm and we have another lesson scheduled Sunday morning. Classes are 20 minutes long and the pool temperature is between 89-93 degrees, perfect for babies. We went a few times to our pool recently and Carly is now terrified of getting in the swim position with me. She wants nothing to do with it, even in the warm jacuzzi. She remembers how to hold her breath. Its too bad we didn't stick with it during the Winter.
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