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Home again Home again Lickity Split

To Capital Reef to Capital Reef to camp with some friends.
Home again home again jiggity jends

To field trips to field trip to help with the kids
Home again home again jiggity kids

To Zions to Zions to stay in the cold
Home again home again  jiggity jold

To St George to St George to warm our cold bones
Home again home again jiggity jones

This song makes it feel like I was on vacation for the last 30 days.  
Yeah.  pretty much :)

Now that I have so much to share.   I think I'll take a blog a day challange to share some of it.

I know I wasn't supposed to....because I was all off line and shit.   but I did keep reading. 
Congratulations to those of you who are newly preggers.    To those who have just had some SUPER cute babies.   Good luck to those of you who are selling, moving and buying homes....potty training and just dealing with kids.

Thanks for the concerning emails.    You guys are so awesome.    Going offline for a short period of time should be a requirement.    For me.  not for you.  :)

Leaving you with a couple of pictures.

Sitting in the hot tub because the swimming pool was 55 degrees

Seriously cool group right ?
and I just noticed and now miss Baverly. 
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