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Jake is the sweetest little 4 year old boy and he's also one of our 1/2 siblings.
He is in the hospital having seizures.   He's been there for 3 weeks already.
They've diagnosed the seizures (the worst case diagnosis for seizures as there is really no end no growing out of them) but even worse is Jake isn't responding to the medications used to slow and stop the seizures.
After having them every 3-4 minutes apart they finally decided to induce a coma hoping it would give his exhausted brain a rest.    The idea was to slowly wake him up and that rebooting his brain would slow down the seizures.
It didn't work.
He's now been transferred to his 3rd hospital (the latest being a hospital that specializes in epilepsy)
They think that he's a good candidate for surgery but we all know how scary surgery is.

This little boy is the son to 2 moms, he is a twin brother to his little sister and a hero to his big sister.
Please pray or send positive thoughts or whatever you can, for him and his family.
It just breaks my heart to think of what they are all going through right now.
Much love to you guys.   I hope you get better real soon Jakers !

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