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lotto info, little bitty post

Nicole came.
J got sick fever 103.
Thanked God over and over that Nicole was here.
1/2 sibs came.
Nicole went home. we were so sad.
Nicole came back.
J still sick.
Friends over.
Nicole left. (flight cancellation)
Nathan sick fever 103.
Ryan sick fever 101.
I'm sick.
Thanked God again that Elyse was here.
Spencer sick fever 100.8.
Cameron is probably sick or will be sick.


(oh no I din't. oh yes I did. as wonderful as I look here....I wanted to show you the bounce houses and slides behind me. The jungle is this huge climbing area that has seated rope swings, trampolines and a zip line. It's all surrounded by a skating rink. SO much fun for the little ones.

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