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The biopsy went well. It wasn't that bad. The place was really cute..all decorated in pink for women. The chairs were each a different wacky modern design and the walls were painted pink. They had complimentary coffee and water and a ton of cool magazines. They even had complimentary chair massages, but I was the only one out of the three of us who opted for a massage.
The radiologist told me that he thought my tumor looked benign. Then he numbed my breast with a shot and took six separate tissue samples. Each time he fired off this gun thing, which reminded me of when I got my ears pierced when I was six. I could feel the pressure when the needle shot deep into my skin, but it wasn't bad at all. I've been instructed to ice, take tylen.ol and not lift anything for two days. It does hurt. It feels bruised. The radiologist will call me personally in two days and then I will go see my breast surgeon for her to explain the results again even if the results are benign.

I kind of talked the ultrasound tech's ear off, which was a little strange since my boob was hanging out the whole time. She was really nice. She was from the south and she wants to raise her daughter with manners. She has a one year old whose first word was dada. I told her that Carly said 'dada' before 'mama' too even though she doesn't have a dada. ha! I may have freaked her out a little, but she hid it well. Her husband has been deployed for six month in the navy and he gets home in September.

Carly was NOT happy that I wouldn't pick her up this afternoon. She lost it. I thought she broke her arm or something the way she was crying. She had her first official melt down which lasted about 20 minutes. We tried to put her in the bath which normally cheers her right up, but it only made her madder.

I'm so beat. I've fixed up my old mac for my sister tonight.
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