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Brave Girls Club....Daily Truth

Do you subscribe to the daily truth by the
BRAVE GIRLS CLUB? Well, you should.

What an encouraging word.... Today was full of ups and downs, I have been on a long journey to get here and I am so faithful to what is in store for the future but along the way there are mean people....I truly pray God blesses them. I know what my purpose is and I am going to persevere. So are you! Have a fabulous weekend... So excited about next weekend. It is going to be amazing. God is Good!!!

Dear Persevering Girl,

It might not look like it, it might not seem like it....and you may
even feel like giving-up.....but that BIG THING that you are working
on, that you have been working on for SO LONG....that you have put
your heart and soul and wishes and prayers really is
happening. It might be going slower than you want it to go, but it

Be inside of THIS PART of the journey today. What will happen when
you get that place you are working to be?

Once you are there, you will look back and wish you would have savored
each moment of getting there, because there's so much fabulousness wrapped
up inside of every step of difficult, long journeys. So many lessons, so
many miracles, so many new and wonderful people that show up exactly when
they are supposed to show up. So many tears and so many hard
much FEELING. You can't REALLY feel the good stuff unless you know what
the bad stuff feels like. Good days feel SOOOOOO beautiful after a string
of really hard days, don't they? You sure wouldn't appreciate them as much
had you not had that string of difficulty. Life is so cool that way.

Keep going. Don't you DARE give up. You are closer than you know.......
look around and see just how far you have come.

You are absolutely phenomenal, and THAT is the truth.

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