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DIY Preschool Word and Number Worksheets

My daughter loves to learn.  She loves worksheets, painting, coloring, reading.....basically anything and everything "school" related.

Recently she's been very excited about recognizing letters and familiar words so I put together these simple little word and number worksheets for us to work on together.

Basically...with these pictures/words, I am trying to introduce her to the beginning letter/sound of each word and am encouraging her to look at the picture and then look at the words to match up the picture and word.

It only took about one or two examples for her to catch on and request to do more and more and more...

Here are some of the words/pictures I used.  (And judging for my drawing!!)

And these are the simple number/object matching I made.  These were really easy for her to do, but she loved them all the same!

I try to always remember that learning is fun and easy!!  

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