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She's getting better!

Yesterday evening Carly actually ate dinner and played with the new house we surprised her with from our trip to Toys R Us. This morning she woke up with a 102.1 and tylenol brought it down and she's actually playing on her own. Her nose is running off her face, but she is actually happy today. It is scary that she's been on high doses of Tylenol and IBPROPHIN for SIX days now. That's got to be terrible for her liver and organs. So scary. She needs to be fever free for 24 hours before she can go back to day care and Tina supposed to go out of town for a really important business trip Tuesday. Hopefully, Tina isn't getting sick. That would be awful. Only three more weeks of work for me and I get the summer off! So excited. I thought I was going to have to teach summer school, but nobody signed up!
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