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Coral Sand dunes

While in Zions.....we decided to take a trip to the coral sand dunes.
Ok, it went like this.    We drove to Kanab....a great and close little city 40 minutes from our cabin.   (there was no mud there and someone else would prepare our food for us)
Whildst driving there we saw a sign that said coral sand dunes and it took me Waaaaaaaaaay back to playing in the sand dunes when I was a on our way back to the cabin we took a little 20 minute detour and this is what we came to.
It was AMAZING.   I mean, I get that we were in red rock the sand would have to be of the same color.  but to see it in person was just awesome.
My pictures don't do it justice for sure.

It was cold and had been raining....and it was the kids bed time....but we couldn't not get out and play in it.   Plus we had to pay 6.00 to enter the park so we were going to spend at least 5 minutes there.   We ended up playing for over an hour.  

There are several hundred feet and 2 thousand acres of sand piled here....and it apparently grows 50-150 ft each year.

My kids are so light they didn't sink in but when J or I would walk on it...down we went.  :)
After you got in a few inches....the sand was dry and super soft.   It was lots of fun to play in.
Oh and in all of these pictures....the feet prints are all our family.   There was no one else there.   It was like being on the beach after the tides had gone down and being the first to leave your imprint.

There are just so many beautiful places to see here in Utah.   To think, this was just a road sign along the way.    I'm so glad we didn't pass it by.
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