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Carly woke up at 3am with a 100.1 degree fever. :( I stayed home with her and used up my very last sick day. Her fever spiked up to 102 this afternoon. We called her pediatrician and they said its probably viral and just give her ibprofin and tylenol and lots of fluids. Sucks. I feel so bad for her. Tina's going to stay home with her tomorrow. I also canceled her swim lesson. :( Hope she feels better soon.
Meanwhile, the picture above CRACKS me up. She made me take that hair band out of my hair and Tina put it on her head. She is SO funny. She is TALKING up a stormmmmm! She tells you how it isssss. Two is a GREAT age!

We asked her if she wants a sister or a brother and she said a sister. So funny.
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