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Vulgarity and humor ?

We saw Rock of Ages and Book of Mormon in New York. 

At Rock of ages they served beer in the theater.   A little like "getcher popcorn,  getcher cotton candy here"  only it was, "getcher beer here."  VERY COOL.
We sat in the 2nd row.  My seat was really first row because the stage came out right at my seat.   I was singled out by the lead (HILARIOUS Character) who hit on me with tasteless jokes and at one point before intermission and at the end of the big song, pointed at me and said, "my dressing room, 2 minutes" and then grabbed his crotch.    I of course jumped right up as the lights came on and told everyone around me that I'd be back in 2 minutes.  Really though, I just needed to pee. :)  I had taken advantage of having the beer lady at the end of our row.   
The show was SOO SOO good.   It was 80's rock.   Everyone talked 80's dressed 80's.  Lots of big hair.   It had it's fair share of vulgar boob talking,  crotch grabbing, f-word saying content....all topped off with "Oh Sherrie"  (I know, my kind of show)
Needless to say we left on a huge rock high and can't stop smiling when we think about it.
Highly recommend it.  very funny.

The next night we went to see Book of Mormon.   They also sold alcohol but in adult sippy cups.  :)
One of the writers who also writes for South Park was raised mormon.    We figured as a Jack Mormon he would bag on the religion all the while adding his offensive south park trash on God.
We were wrong.  kind of.  The beginning is the cliff notes of the religion in song.    And then they go to Missionaries who are sent out to Uganda to preach and teach.   It was all very funny and I enjoyed it.  (I don't know if you didn't know much about the religion if it would be very funny ? maybe)   I didn't feel like Mormons would be offended at all but would find some of the humor to be exaggerated truths and quite funny.
And then the trashy south park crap kind of ruined it for me.
While in Uganda they sing songs about raping babies, aids and female circumcision.    I just didn't think any of it was funny.  
They took real life Ugandan issues and made fun of them.   Not so cool.    They seemed to take it too far.  (I know what did I expect)
There was a song the Ugandans were singing in their native tongue when the  missionaries arrived.   The missionaries started singing with them.    "When our women are raped...hasa diga Eebowai...when we don't have food to eat....hasa diga Eebowai....we all have aids...hasa diga Eebowai...etc." and they would raise their hands to the sky as if they were praising god.     After asking what the song meant the missionaries found out the translation was "fuck you god"     We laughed, it was pretty funny.    and then.   the song continued and went on to say, "fuck you god in the mouth cunt and ass"  REALLY ?   I mean, really....did they need to go that far ?   
What next....a musical about the tsunami in Japan.   That's kind of how I felt while they were making light of so many terrible things happening to the people there.   
I left thinking it could have been funny (there was LOTS of really funny things in it)...and vulgar...without being so offensive.
Neither J or myself would recommend it and we wouldn't go see it again. 
EVERYONE around us however.....loved it.  including the friends who went with us.   Maybe it was just us ? 

We REALLY wanted to go see Wicked again...damn it, it was sold out.    If ANYONE hasn't seen it.....GO SEE IT IMMEDIATELY !   If it comes to your city.....go without food for 2 weeks to buy a ticket.    Wicked is the best show.  
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