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No, I haven't fallen off the earth.......

I am just trying to catch up on life after having been in a fantastic workshop all last week.

Right now.........

DH is sick with a cold (his first this whole winter season) and I am washing my hands and gargling with Listerine so I don't catch it (knock on wood!)

somewhat sad that we had to turn on the air conditioning this week (I love having the house open) but it has gotten to 90 during the day several days and the humidity is quite high.  My hair had turned to frizz and we were feeling pretty miserable - Hana was not eating during the day at all.  She is so funny - after I turned on the air, she started laying on a chair that is just below an a/c vent - what a spoiled little princess she is!!!!

Counting the cherry tomatoes on our bush and checking out the blossoms on the other tomato bush

Sketching heads and figures, and playing with my paints

Reading a wonderful book the Distant Hours by Kate Morton

Making reservations for my trip this summer to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver (I can hardly wait!!!!!!)

And creating some new layouts and projects for submission and display

Hope you are having a super week!!!!
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