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Soon to be Bon Voyage!

Kids are so exciting.... They are looking forward to see their grandma K. We will go to the airport to pick her up. It has been a while since they saw her. Off the point, Last August, we asked her to see if she's interested to join us to go Disney Cruise-3nights and stay in Florida for a week. She was shocked and excited. Of course, she said, "Yes!" It will be her first cruise and vacation in Florida which is happening in a few days. We will go on auto train. Kyron is thrilled just because of train. He still enjoys playing trains. Mikaela, all she thinks about kids' club. Most cruises have awesome kids' club. It will be her second time but first time on Disney Cruise. Kyron acts like he's first timer to go on cruise which I don't blame him. The last time, he went on cruise when he was 17 months old. He couldn't remembered. Now, he's exciting! Many of them had asked me if we are going Disney World during our vacation. We will not going. Maybe next year. We will go Seaworld (kids love them) as we have season passes and Aquaica. Beaches and rest around the pool. :o) Just can't wait to go on Auto Train this coming Tuesday. Cruise on Thursday :o) Our checklists: Fish Extenders Decoration Door Fish Extenders Gifts one case of bottle waters (cruise - expensive!!!) medicines (just in case) passport clothes personal items ourselves Soon to be Bon Voyage!
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