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Some more cropping with Jenni

The above layout is based on a sketch - unfortunately you can't read the yellow alphas but they read "Let there BE" LIGHT and below I wrote "here comes the sun, nah nah nah Nah"
This challenge was to use as many photos as your could - I don't play well with lots of photos so this one was very hard for me
This challenge was to put a banner on the layout - I love the look of banners but honestly, they are so over-used right now - I tried to put a little different spin on it
This challenge was to use a black background, something about Starbucks, and if possible, a Polaroid style photo(that I didn't do). Maybe you remember the gingham flower from the altered baking tin yesterday - I admit that I ripped it off this layout because the little tin was telling me that it needed it - do your creations ever talk to you, or even talk back to you? Sometimes mine change the entire concept as I go along - they refuse to cooperate until I do things their way. LOL!

Another thing that I  have been thinking about (that's dangerous - me thinking! LOL!)  Several years ago Heidi Swapp used to recommend a book titled She... by  Kobi Yamata and now I see that Christy Tomlinson of Scarlet Lime is doing a She painting online workshop, which sounds really fascinating. The thing is ---- both the book (which I own) and Christy's paintings all use the past tense in all their sentences. What struck me was - is "she" no longer doing these things, is "she" dead, or ?????? For example, "she was an artist and her life was her canvas" - as it relates to me and the women whose art I see on the web and IRL, it is "she is an artist and her life is her canvas".  I realize in the book that Yamata goes on to write on the opposite page "celebrate her brilliance." but somehow I find using the past tense a little disturbing. What do you think?  And to take it a step further, whoever wrote the dust cover liner notes for the book used present tense in describing who the book was about: "she is someone gentle but powerful....someone who cares."  I really like the concept of the book and the painting class in that we should celebrate those women who inspire us (and obviously some of them are gone, and so past tense should be used in that case) both in the past and in the present.  I am thinking this might work into a project celebrating my mother, my grandmother, and many other women who have been and continue to be inspirations in my life.  Maybe it is good to think after all! LOL!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!
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