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When life becomes more than you can stand

and you have 70 degree weather and a 3 day weekend within reach and approximately 4 hr drive.
You pack your bags, book a last minute 3 bedroom 2 bath condo at an extremely discounted rate and hit the road.

We got there, settled in, Spencer came in to tell me to roll his stomach at about midnight.  at about 2 am he threw up for the first time.   He continued acting perfectly swell all except for the puking episodes and that pesky diarrhea and that kept a pull up on him for the entire weekend.

Me and the wife played catch with a football we found at the playground.    We also pitched tennis balls through a 6 inch hole in the tennis pitching fence (the one that was closed for the season and was left completely open with no one around and hundreds of balls to keep our family of 7 happy and busy for over an hour:).....for $100,000.00 a ball.   Had the balls been $100,000.00 per nearly missing a childs head we would both be MILLIONAIRS. luckily no one was harmed.
Today I can't wipe my own ass.   It SERIOUSLY hurts oh so much to twist to the right.   It can knock the wind out of me and send my back/rib cage into a sudden spasm for several minutes.
We've both decided it's time to start working out more regularly.  Apparently caring for 5 little people....including all of the turning, standing, squatting, lifting, carrying that is not keeping us fit. AT. ALL.

I did take my camera.   I took exactly 2 pictures at the condo.  98 at the pool.   and 2 of the babies peeing outside of the van for the first time on a road trip.
Without further ado.
Something that I should remind myself of more often

Remember that one time on our trip that Syd was nice to her brothers. 
Me too, good thing I had my camera for it :)

Mommy Jaaaaaaaaaay, Mommy Jaaaaaay
I haven't convinced myself that she didn't birth this baby boy

of the 98 pictures I took at the pool...I'm pretty sure 39 of them were of Nathan shooting hoops.  

Don't look. this may just be my "this moment friday"

Or this one.   I can't decide
Nate was either spitting on her
or licking her.  either you can see...J wasn't amused.
Poor little Spence man didn't get to play in the pool.   but we let him dip his piggys in the hot tub.
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