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A paint and mist experiment

Yesterday I had a few minutes before I had to go to work and I went into the studio to play a bit - I gessoed this book cover (I often use plain book covers from old hard back books for my canvases - I get them for 25 cents or even free sometimes, there are 2 covers, back and front, and it's a lot cheaper than buying canvases), then sprayed it with 3 different mists - this is what it looked like when I finished spraying and tilting
I thought it looked very ethereal - like mountains in the mist. Unfortunately, when I tried to enhance the differential and make the mountains a bit more clear, I ruined it so I just remisted and left it to dry. When I returned home, it was a totally different canvas with a completely different story - I will post my mixed media piece tomorrow - it is all laid out now (I needed to get some dried grasses and leaves from my yard) but I need to glue it with gel medium.
I came across this wonderful old book yesterday at work - just a dollar - it was calling my name and begging me to alter it so..................

I discovered a brilliant singer Lisa Gerrard through and will try to get one of her cd's at the library this afternoon. She did the incredible music for Gladiator (I didn't know that - we were cruising when it came out and actually didn't see Gladiator until we came back to the US but I loved it) and I love her mysterious lyrical style - words and yet what language? 

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am recovering very nicely (but the stitches always look so gruesome - just call me Sally*).

*The Nightmare Before Christmas - one of my favorite movies!
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