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Cameron Says !

Driving to pick Syd up from gymnastics.
Seat assignments are as follows :
-last row, Cameron - Ryan - Spencer
-middle row, Sydney (not present) Nathan.
Spencer starts, "Ryan, say Spencer "
Ryan repeats, "Spencer"
Spencer, "Say, Sydney"
Ryan, "Sydney"
Spencer, "Say, Sadie"
Ryan, "Sadie"
Cameron, "Say storm cloud"
WTF ????
Nathan chimes in, "storm cloud"

Me, "Cam ! Leave that baby alone."
Cam, "NO ! I don't want to be a zample mom, I just want to push him"

Cam, "Mom ! I just saw a black spider with brown spots.  NO, I just saw a black spider with orange on his belly"
Me, "you mean a black widow spider Cam ?"
Cam, "yes mom, a black widow, I just saw one ! Come on, come and see !"
Me, "honey, spiders hibernate during the winter.  There aren't any spiders awake right now."
Cam, "hibernate ?  black widows hibernate ?"
Me, "yip"
Cam, "Mom ! I just saw a tranchula"
Me, "Cam....tarantula's are spiders too, although the size of a small kitten, they aren't and they sleep in the winter too."
Cam, "oh.  can we watch the video of the spider eggs hatching again ? pleeeease ?"
(I let the boys watch several video's online of black widow eggs hatching and a tarantula being eaten by a centepede (seriously) and allegators and other cools stuff. (mostly peaceful and non threatening) We had also read a spider book (Cam's choice) the night before.  thus my non urgent response to his request to "come see mom come see !" :)

Cameron.   At 4 1/2 yrs have hit the "I'm going to, I'm not going to" stage.  ie.  If you don't let me watch that then I'm going to hit your TV.  or  if you tell me to go to bed....I'm not going to.
I'm not going to put this away.    I'm going to throw this at you.   I'm not going to eat then. 
You will stand, arms folded, determined to look mad and unmoving.    I can gently reach out and hold your hand and your whole body immediately softens and you  concede.   Only one of my favorite things about you.  
You are the kid to pick up when you are mad or sad or tired.   Even if you are mad at me, you'll let me comfort you.    You melt in my arms and curl up on my lap.    I will be sad when you won't fit anymore.   I'm thinking that won't be until you are at least 17.  :)

You play with my hair.   You run your fingers through it, spiking it up or just messing it up.   I Love it.   Not only is it a great scalp massage....but you'll do it while you sit by me and talk.   You usually don't even realize you're doing it. 

You are so sweet with your baby brothers.  most of the time.   I catch you helping them, comforting them, babying them and just being a great example....even though you say you don't want to be one :)  you already are.    You will sometimes say, "I want him to let me hold lay on me like that."  looking over at one of the babies curled up on one of our chests.    Neither baby was willing at that time....but you are still so loving with them.

You slow us down on pre school days.  but once there you love it and you always leave super happy.    You come home singing lots of fun new songs and can't wait to show me how well you are writing your name.

Like any mother I worry about you and I'm so very proud of you and I ache with the love that fills my heart for you.   You have the most gentle and calm soul.  I have no idea where you get it from.  I hope you never ever change.

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