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Result of Speech/Language Screening

Kyron went in for speech/language screening to see if he has any kind of delay in speech language.
He had fun. Evaluator did a very good job. She tested him with a lot of things.

When it done, Evaluator shared the information with me. She said, "Kyron is in advanced for pre-school speech/language developments. He did very good job. He has a difficult time with "r" and it is very normal. "

Finally, I can breathe easily! I just kind of knew he will be okay with his speech but language that concerned me the most.

Evaluator had asked me several questions about his education background. I just smiled - basically none - he did went preschool but he hates it very much. I'm not sure why he hates it so much - teachers (can't be because Kyron was her favorite), at my best guess - peers... not many kids to play with... Or just a plain simple that he wasn't ready.

I asked him if he wants to go pre-k at private school as public school system won't take him in for Pre-K. He said - yes, he wants to go where Mikaela went when she was young.

Tis Monday, he will visit that school and fill out the application etc... Now my wallet will be thinner every week but it will be worthwhile for him so that he can be prepare for K next year. (oh that makes me cry - no my baby is going to K next year... please let the days go by very i mean very very slow..)

I feel better now just because I know he will be okay. I was worried about him... as he has anxiety issues. Lately, he is overcoming his fears with many things. **will write about it soon...**
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