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It seemed like they were gone FOREVER! We missed them! Carly and C had SO much fun together! They had a total blast. I brought some of Carly's new toys to share with C since we always play with C's stuff. C was totally stoked. It was CUTE.

Tina got a new hair cut and new awesome glasses. I love it. She lost her glasses when we went to Oregon and she's been getting red eyes from her contacts which has got to be so painful. Then she takes the contacts out and is practically blind. She said she could see the title of the movie on our big screen tv when she squinted. Meanwhile the title was like two times the big E on an eye chart. We picked out the frames on Saturday and she got them today. They say "Its a Beautiful Life" on the side of the frames in French! Tina joked that it really says "You're a loser for paying a lot of money for these cheap glasses.."

I spoke to my mom on the phone today and she said my step dad is doing 90 meetings in 90 days. He's back on track. He actually never got addicted to pain pills, instead it fell of the wagon when he went to pour out this margarita mix and took a sip to see if it had gone bad and it tasted good, so he put it back into the fridge and then a few weeks later nobody touched it so he went to throw it out and he ended up drinking it. People who are in recovery are not allowed to taste alcohol if they want to stay sober. Since then my step dad has been drinking a PINT of alcohol every day! He would sneak it in his coffee and my mom would leave for the day and he would drink while he worked. My mom said she never noticed. She did say to him a couple of times, "If I didn't know better I would think you were drunk, because of the way you are acting..." but she didn't even consider that he actually was. My mom said she's glad it happened, because she doesn't like alcohol in the house and doesn't want people getting drunk at our house anymore at get togethers. I agree. It was a real concern for me, because I don't want to raise Carly in an environment where people are drunk. My grandfather was a belligerent drunk. Every day after five o'clock he would begin to get wasted and it was very disturbing. Its very possible that Carly will have the predisposition to become an alcoholic since it runs so ramped in our family. I want her to stay far far away from it.
PS I am STILL taking Advil and Icing. Tomorrow it will be a week that I have stopped breastfeeding. I pumped twice..first time just one ounce on one side and two ounces on the other then another time just one ounce on each side. Since then I've been engourged and have just been taking advil and icing. The worst is my swollen armpits. It must be my glands or something. I read somewhere to stay out of the hot water when taking a shower, that it could stimulate production. Woops! Its soothing. Carly must have favored the left breast because it is much bigger than the other one. It is also the one with the it needs to dry up.
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