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Carly on the Keys!

Last night went REALLY well with weaning. Tina bought the perfect night light, which gives off more light than the one she had...and I think that helped. When Carly woke up she drank from her sippy cup and received lots of kisses and hugs and didn't cry when I set her back in her crib. She was awesome. She woke up at 7am and was up for the day.
Then, she got really fussy... We couldn't figure out what was wrong. Do you think she's a bit upset from all the change? Then I was thinking she could be teething, but she's not drooling. She didn't have a fever... It was a bummer because we had swimming lessons planned with Gretchen at 10am and of course she fell asleep right when we pulled in to Gretchen's! We let her sleep for about 20 minutes and Carly cried pretty much through the entire lesson. We actually didn't do much of anything but try to cheer her up. I got some good tips and will practice them until the next time we can get together. We're going to practice floating. I have to put my chin on Carly to make her feel safe and close while she's floating, because she's sort of afraid of it now because I haven't been doing it. Also, anytime she picks up a toy or anything we have to end it with a swim under the water, so she gets used to going under all the time. We went out to eat after the lesson and then to this adorable toy store where Carly got to play this pink piano and push these little baby strollers. She had a blast. She picked out a really cute little baby too. I've wanted her to have one and it was so perfect that she found one on her own. She carried it through the whole store. She was so excited about it. Turns out, its a baby that can suck its thumb, close her eyes and go in the bath! I love all toys that we can play with in the water!
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