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Happy FOURTH in July !!!!

Happy 4th Birthday boys.
For some reason my memory holds on to the time when you were both babies....much stronger than the other 3.   Maybe it was because it was so much harder and exhausting, there being 2 of you.  Maybe it was because you were so much different than your sister and each other.   Those tiny little bodies in sleep sacks.  I would pick you up like a bag of almonds and stack your bodies one on the other to feed you.   I cherish each and every one of those memories.   I hope to hold on to them with the last few brain cells left in my brain dead head.

Cameron.   You are the one who will take care of  your moms when we are old and weary.    You are so sweet and thoughtful.   You like to come sit by me, your hand touching my leg or arm or you will come sit on my lap.  and "I love you mama" falls so easily off of your lips.   You say it all of the time and I feel the meaning each time you say it.  
When I rock you because you have been mad or sad or just wanted to will hold your hand up in the I Love You sign and ask me if I want to play.    You start talking with your hands to mine and we play puppets with only our hands. :)   You have SUCH an imagination.  You would and have played with a stick....a torn piece of paper.....a screw from your drill....and even a penny.   Talking and playing and making sound effects.   I smile every time you do it.   It never gets old and I love to listen to the conversations you come up with.

You are by far my most pickiest eater.   You won't eat vegetables (except corn...especially on the cob) but will eat the vegetables if I mix them up in a casserole. (which your brother won't so it causes problems when coming up with something to eat for dinner
You wouldn't fathom eating fruit.   Occasionally you'll eat apples and at one time I could get you to drink smoothies.   You've caught on that they are good for you and now leave it for the babies to drink.
You sit down when it's time to eat and get to it.   There is no messing around.   You shovel food in until your cheeks are STUFFED (it drives your sister absolutely CRAZY) and after you finish you then quietly climb down and pick up where you left off with your cars or whatever had your attention before I called you to the table.
You won't eat anything you aren't really familiar with.   Coaxing you to eat just one more bite to get something you REALLY REALLY want is pointless.   Your stubborness always seems to win.
Even candy you've never seen....out of the question.   You like KitKat's and Hershey's chocolate bars, oh and suckers.   But if offered licorice or even an orange tic tac...forget about it.
You don't like gummy anything.  vitamins, bears or worms.   and your favorite cereal is mini wheats and honey bunches of oats.    You don't like the sweeter cereals at all. 

You stick up for anyone who's down.  Especially Spencer.  unfortunately you usually defend him with physical violence :) ha ha  we'll need to work on that buddy.
A week or so ago Mommy J was sneaking out to go to the store sans kids.   You caught her and immediately begged to go.   She of course said yes and as she was buckling you in to your car seat you said, "Mommy J, we have to take Dencer, he's my friend"  
You knew that Spencer too would love to go in the truck and Mommy J would never say no to such a brotherly love request.    Needless to say you were both a pain in her ass the whole time she shopped and she wished she didn't take either one of you :) ha ha
You have a big mouth on you when you are mad :)  I hate're stupid and you're an idiot are still phrases we are trying to phase out.
But your considerate heart makes me want to eat you up.  You make me laugh every day. and every day you reassure me that you, one day, will be the kind, gentle and sweet man that I dream of you to be.    I love you Cameron....from your head to your toes.

Spencer. My good morning hug.   I count on it every morning.   I wake up to you crawling on my bed and laying either right on top of me, resting your head on my chest or curling up next to me with your head on my shoulder.   And always with a great big happy smile.   I will ask you how you slept and after telling me good you softly ask for breakfast :) You still are my best sleeper...down with no problems....sleep through the night without a sound and wake up happy as a lark.   

You want to be grown already.  Big and strong.   You will flex your muscles and say, "mom, look at my muscles, they are stupee (super) strong huh ?"  you also just take off running in any direction in the house as fast as your little legs can take you and request that I watch you.   Once finished you ask, "that was stupee fast huh mom ?  I am so fast"  and before I can answer you, you're off again.
You tell me all of the time how you are going to be bigger than me one day.   Taller than I am. 
You have decided to be a tough guy and put up your dukes to be funny, play or to fight.   Nathan knows at 1 year of age to punch because you taught him how.  ugh  poor Ryan gets the brunt of it.  :-)
Although a tiny bit shorter and skinnier than your usually come out on top in a wrestling match.
Sometimes when you get hurt you'll tell me, "I didn't cry.  I'm brave mom"

You and Cameron are very sensitive and I rarely need to pull out my angriest eyes with either of you.  and if I do get mad, once your time out is over you will both come and tell me that I hurt your feelings.  :)
It always softens my heart and I apologize...even though I make sure to remind you why you were put in time out in the first place.

My candy kid.   If it has sugar in it, you'll eat it.  a LOT of it.   You love you some sugar.
You are starting to eat a little more and have tried new things.  1/2 of which you've continued eating and the other 1/2 you spit in the sink.   but that you try it is what amazes me.   For a kid who hates his fruits and vegetables you are getting better.
You are the one who I can count on eating "3 bites of chicken" in order to get dessert or go outside or have a drink.   You hardly gripe about it and just surrender....eating the 3 bites and then happily running off to enjoy your reward.  

Those big brown eyes melt my heart buddy.  add a smile and I'm yours.   
In fact, you pull out the eyes on your brother and sister too.   and like works, you usually get your way.  :) 
You are always aware of your baby brothers.  You pull them out of harms way a lot.  Just like a good big brother you teach them and although sometimes it may be a little louder and rougher than I'd are helping them grow up to be careful and safe.  
You are such a sweet and wonderful kid.   I love every bone in your body buddy. 

You and Cameron are like Peanut Butter and Jelly.   You are the best of friends and play together so well.   You take care of each other, praise each other and will most of the time share and work things out without my getting involved.   When we have gone on our long trips the one who sits up front holds a DVD player on his lap to watch movies on.   Whoever is holding it will occassionally hold it up as high as your arms can stretch and yell to the other one sitting in the back, "Cam can you see it ?"  or  "Spencer look, it's the Incredibles" 
You can fight too, but overall you get along great.    My wish is that you remain good friends and that you continue the closeness that you share right now.
My great big boys.  Happy Birthday !

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