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So watching Eclipse...............

in a theatre filled with 17 year (or even 15 year)old girls is a total blast,they are so funny the things they say my goodness can't repeat them overhere!!! We love the movie, Seth is such a cutie and love the Rosalie and Jaspers storie and what about when the fam is hunting Victoria how cool is that???!! Julie can't wait to hear what you loved most!!

I need to tell you that Iam a little embarressed, I know I haven't been around so much lately but with the warm weather and the kids home I just don't have enough time on my hands to sit down and blog !!! but I will try to be around more again so please don't leave me!!!

Yesterday was Ricks last day in elementryschool, (snif) in the evening they had a special evening for the kids and their parents, the kids peformed in a musical!! Rick was a special agent surching for diamonds, he looked very cool (Stabler move over)!! I must say it was a little emotional for me, seeing my little boy saying goodbye to all his friends!! i know they all live in the same village but he is the only one going to the school we chose for him so he has to start all over again!!!
But he will make a lot of new friends i am shure about that!!!

I also have LO to share with you!!
Over at These Are A a Few we have a new challenge for you!!
And you will love it, cause we want to know your fave store!!!!!!!
And here is mine!!!

Steps is a dutch fashion store I loooove!!! Whenever I go in there I always come out with a bag!! I love the cloths they sell, i just want them all!!!!! Hope you have the time to jin the fun, be shure to check the blog cause the DT did such an amazing job and check out the prize you can win!!!

Hope you will all have a great week and let me knoe what you thought of Eclipse!!!

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