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Carly is holding her breath for so long now. She rarely swallows water or gets upset in the water either. In fact, its usually the opposite. She can be in the worst mood and the water cheers her up. Today during our swim session this morning at 10am we worked on swimming to the steps, going down 4 feet to get the ring and swimming between my legs. Those deeper swims are supposed to allow her to really feel her body in the water so she will kick and use her arms. Although, she just floated to the top all relaxed. She calmly takes a breath when she reaches the top. We also worked on holding the side. She held on for about two seconds by herself which is progress. She used to sink right into the water then choke on the water. She sat on the side and we counted, "One, Two, Three..." and she swam under the water and I helped her up to get air and then we went back under for another time. Carly enjoyed playing on the steps and is starting to get the idea to get the toy that's under the water!
Anyway, its too fun. I'm so glad we're doing this. Its so great for both of us. Tina came by after our lesson this morning to say good bye as she went to work and she told use that she's going to start participating in the lessons from now on. I'm just thrilled about that.

Today, was my oldest sister's 42nd birthday. Carly and I went over to her house and we started out with a wonderful hike! I couldn't believe it! My sister said she's really into it now and she does it everyday! She says she can tell that it makes her feel better! YEAH! Meanwhile, she was so pleasant to be around. I could really see the difference. She wasn't all stressed out... It was AWESOME. Her best friend from high school just moved back to California and she was there and my sister's twin daughters were also there...and they were exceptionally sweet today too. It was a good day!
PS: Notice how light my sister's coloring is and how dark the twins are...Carly and I are like that only opposite. Actually, Carly looks like she's getting some color. I've been putting tons of sunblock on her, but it looks like she's still getting a little tan. :)
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