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Is he different?

I've always wanted to write about my boy, Kyron. It was struggling for me to write but I've decided to write it down. As its a best way for me to get out and hear some feedback or tips or sharing stories....

I know in my heart, Kyron is different from many boys that I know for a very long time.

As far as I remembered, he was baby, I knew I couldn't go back to work. I don't know why I felt that way but I just knew. Til I decided to go back to work 2008. He knows babysitter (very well) and babysit at my place. He has no problem. As summer came, as I was a teacher - no work during summer which is nice. We moved to other place. We looked for a good day care for K. and finally found one. First day, we put him in day care. It was hard but I know its best for him to be with his peers. He kept crying and crying. Day care providers had to call me to come and pick him up as he consistantly crying. We tried for almost a week and half, he kept crying. So Hollie and I decided that I quit my job to be with him. Almost a year later, we decided that he needs to go preschool (2x a week for 2.5 hours). First two weeks, he loved it very much.

Thrid week, he doesnt want to go school anymore. He threw fit, cry so hard, etc... I was worried because he is basically GOOD boy. Almost everyone asked me - wow he's so good boy - how do you do that? what tips did you makes him so good boy? etc.. I know in my heart, he is very good boy!
He doesn't like school. He doesn't fond of being in sports activities. He will beg me to take him home instead of being with classes or teams. Once a while, he will play - wow!! unlike of him...
Last friday, he went and see doctor for annual visit. That doctor was wonderful doctor! He asked me how's Mikaela so forth... She is doing good - playing sports, doing good with school and basically good kid. Then he asked me about Kyron. I decided to tell him what he had done for past 2 years. Doctor was surprised that Kyron refuses to go school. He asked him, do you want go school? He looked at me and said - tell him - no school for me- no want go school. Doctor understands what he said. He said - school is fun - learning many things etc... Kyron became so stressed and said no - dont want go school. He noticed that too... He said he must see specialist to work things out as he will go kindergarten next year (2011). He agreed that we must do something now andhelp him to be prepare by putting him in pre-k this fall.

Now, the next thing that I need is to call specialist. I hope it will help him.....

Doctor was nice and suggeset me to sign him karate class (karate is more solo compared to sports activities where you have to work with others). Also Karate might help with self-confidence. Hollie and I now are researching on what kind of karate classes would be good for him. Any suggestions?

Other examples- sloppy joe for dinner. He must have paper towel to hold his food, he doesn't like to get dirty on his hand or seeing the meats coming out from buns. He is not fond of spaghetti - he said its too messy.. prefer eat meatballs only. Funny part is that he will make a BIG MESS making brownies - licking spoon, even a bowl and smear all over his face and hands.
I know he's a BOY, he loves monster jam (monster trucks etc.. his favorite - Grave Digger! He LOVES TRANSFORMERS G2! Always ask for more of them. His pants always have holes on his knees - due to playing on the floor. He loves Hot wheels.

Doctor think he might have anixety. Maybe...

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