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News "flash" !

It seems like everytime I get close.   With a flash I'm pushed away.

If you understood/stand any of that you too are probably going through-with someone going through this too.
Early, old, whatever.  blah.

We rearranged Baverly today.   The babies have been split in the back, between the boys and one next to Syd up front.  They are going to be facing forward again for the next week.  (I hope they won't mind turning backwards again when we get home.   Just for the next 6 months or so:)
The middle seat is open and available for I'm sure WAY TOO MUCH stuff.   
Oh lordy lordy lordy please let this be fun and worth it.   
(must be sung like the "bear hunt" song...kind of sort of)  
We're going on a trip.  We're going on a roooad trip.  I am afraid, yes I am afraid.

Ah to hell with it.   Que sera sera. 
I will try and download some pictures as we go.    For now here is a totally random picture of my little Nate man.

"Sleep like a baby" or  How about sleep WITH a baby. 
This just shows the sensitive and sweet side of "Tank"
Please sleep like this for the next 7 days.

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