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Thanksgiving Turkey Magnet

This is such a simple little craft but my 3 1/2 year old really enjoying making it so I thought I would share!  

This little guy is hanging proudly on our refrigerator right now and keeps getting moved around by some little tiny hands!!  

Supplies needed:
Wooden discs of two sizes (or circles cut from cardboard)
Brown paint
Feathers of various colors
Googly eyes
Red and orange construction paper
Tape or glue

Start by painting your wooden discs or cut circles brown.

After your paint has dried, add the feathers to the back of the larger disc.  We are all out of liquid we used washi tape.  It worked great!

Then add your smaller circle, googly eyes, triangle nose and waddle.

I attached a little adhesive magnet to the back of our turkey so he could hang on the side of our fridge.

Happy crafting everyone!!

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