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My Wonky Mandala

I finished the insert for my record sleeve art journal page. Remember this?

It was a day when I really needed something meditative to do, so I made the insert into a mandala. Here's how it turned out...

Here's a detail shot...
I used my Pitt Manga Marker set (LOVE THESE), plus a variety of colored brush markers. Michael saw it and right away was like "here, let me trim that up for you - it's a little off-kilter" HA. I'm like "NO ITS SUPPOSED TO BE WONKY!" He grinned. He knew it was supposed to be wonky. He just likes to tease me. This is our usual banter - he keeps me laughing!

I also finished binding my final Full-Tilt Boogie journal last night - the grand finale is done! Yeayyy! I will share some photos soon!

I wish you a wonderfully creative weekend my friends!
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