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Thursday's Thoughts

My thoughts and prayers have been with a sweet little baby who just had open heart surgery. and also his moms and brothers.

I have accepted that which I have no control.    And I'm reminded that you shouldn't go looking for something that you don't want to find.     That being said.   Acceptance is the first step.

Who knew that Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle were sisters ?  not me.  well, now I do.

Florida's gonna get Jimmered tonight.   hopefully.  
I've been calling Spencer Jimmer lately.   I hope it catches on.

Nathan has been asked several times by yours truly to say, "What a truck" 
I laugh every time.....I'm that immature.    Plus, fire truck, said, "fire fuck" just isn't as funny anymore.

I DESPISE Angry Birds.   I don't play it.  but my wife does.   ALL NIGHT LONG.   all night.   Like the moment she gets home until after I'm asleep.   ALL FRIGGING NIGHT.  I HATE angry birds.   Whoever created that damn app had better stay away from me.  Stupid angry birds.

I have one week left.   One week and then a break from it all.    I can't WAIT !
(including angry bring those damn birds with us and I swear to god I'll break your phone.  ; - )  love you honey. )
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