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tinsel joy...

It's me...cutting it close to the Jingle Belles deadline:)

Check it out...I embossed...two panels!  Picked up the sizzix folders on sale:)

I used Stampin' Up Pretty in Pink and Pixie Pink....topped it off with straight and zig zag stitching.  I opted to not put a sentiment on the exterior of the card because of all that doesn't seem to need one...

I got three words for you:

Tinsel glitter...ugh

I'm a HUGE fan of Martha's 'traditional' glitter...bought the silver and LOVE it...I found the Christmas set of Tinsel glitter on sale {even came with the Martha glitter glue}.....good grief, that stuff is u-n-r-u-l-y...seriously...anybody else have the stuff?  

I love that it looks so sparkly but seriously peeps, I think I inhaled some and I even sprayed each of the snowflakes with a clear coat...someone has to have some tips because I have like a life time supply of the stuff....

This is the glorious Jingle Belles color challenge:

I was inspired by the Waltzing Mouse Sketch Challenge:
I also wanted to share a layout that I completed last weekend but haven't posted until today...

Thank goodness for my 13 year old photographer and copy editor.  Yes, the boy took the fun pic of the girl and he, ahem, found a typo on my original layout {before pics were taken...}.  In my haste and spelling backwards {that's how I typically lay the letter stickers down} , I managed to botch one of the words...cutest thing ever, the boy evidently was checking out the layout and casually said, "You haven't blogged that layout yet, have you?"  Then he so kindly tells me that I can't spell...well, not in those words...I'll have you know that I won my 3rd Grade spelling bee....they even presented me with an engraved you know how special that made me feel?  Real special until I saw how they typed my name on that plaque:

Amie Tsuruta

Good grief, they managed to spell my **last** name correctly but spelled my first name wrong?!!!
{slapping my forehead}

Okay, okay...sorry about straying from the is a close up of all that sassy goodness...

Notice that t-i-n-y zig zag stitching?!  Seriously love that look....

My layout is compliments of last week's:

♥♥Some enabling♥♥

I just ordered a new address stamp...wooo hooo....check it out, isn't it sweet?!
It was sooo hard to pick so it may not be my only addy stamp...but I loved the simplicity of this particular one along with the sweet font!!  It's from Sweet Papery:)

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