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Short and Sweet

Our swim lesson was short and sweet today. My mom came over and watched Carly swim and gave us some pointers. She video taped our new trick going down for the ring. I've been going down with her to actually hand her the ring. My mom said I was obsessed with the ring when I was her age. I remember absolutely LOVING the time that my mom and I shared swimming in the water together. Its really cool to have this experience with Carly now and be the mom.

Okay, So last night I spent 45 minutes in the crib with Carly..most of it was getting her to calm down and then she eventually got tired and feel asleep breast feeding. She woke up again at 1:30am then again at 3:30am when I just decided to take her to bed with us. UGH! I have to STOP THAT! Anyway, I thought lets see how she goes when I just set her in the crib and walk away for her nap. I gave her her bottle with water, blanket and her little chicken and she was laying down and happy and I said, "Time to go to sleep!" and I walked out. She immediately started crying..and crying. I waited..ten minutes went by...her crying was more like a I waited longer...still a little whine and occasional frustrated cry...and then it just got worst from there until she was hysterical. So, how long do you let them do that? She was not okay. I went in there and hugged her and she was so mad at me. She continued to cry until I got in the crib with her and breast fed her...and then she passed right out. GEEEES! So, i guess I just have to keep trying and be patient and consistent. I'm not sure if she was more mad because she didn't get to breast feed or that I didn't wait until she was asleep. Weaning is HARD! She's such a sweet sweet sweet little needy baby.
Meanwhile, all this time outside in the pool is making my face super blotchy. I wear sunblock any everything, but I think its the hormones from breast feeding. I didn't want to be in the sun too much pregnant because of that. So I was WHITE and FAT, which is a terrible combo, but you always see mothers with that blotchy pigment...and now..I am one of them. :) I'll have to start wearing a hat in the water like my swim teacher did.
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