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Roleplaying with Kids Visit!

OMG! We got to hang out with KJ and the kids from! They are SO cool! It was so fun getting to meet them in person after reading their blog for almost two years! Carly fell IN LOVE with the youngest twins. They are SUCH little charmers. I was talking to K when all of a sudden I was like, "Is that Carly...TOTALLY LAUGHING at the boys?" I quickly grabbed my video camera and recorded this...

K said later the boys were totally exchanging kisses with Carly. TOO CUTE! It just MELTS my heart to see her making friends. The bigger kids pretty much stayed in the pool or the jacuzzi the entire time. They are SUCH sweet kids.

Carly and I had a quick swim session before KJ and the kids got there. Carly got to show off her new trick of going down four feet(me handing her the ring) and coming up with it for Nicole and her kids M and T. M and T loved the water too! I hope they come over for more swim play dates. That was fun!

K and Nicole both had never heard of anyone getting in the crib with their baby, but I have to say Carly is making progress and beginning to really like her crib. Now, lets hope the crib doesn't collapse! YIKES! Last night she didn't wake up until 2:30am, which is a BIG deal! Normally she wakes up by 11 and then again at 2:30. I should have put her back to sleep in her crib at 2:30, but instead I took her to our bed. I HAVE STOP doing that! I need to be consistent about putting her in her crib. Tonight's the night! I'm going to follow through. Its time.
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