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Bicycle ride around the city!!!

Yes... You saw right. We rode bikes with Jasin's brother as our tour guide. My behind is so soar but well worth it. If you are a brave soul. I recommend you ride bikes thru Manhatten next time you are here. You see so much more than when you are stuck on a tour. We borrowed a bike from one of Johns friends and the rented another bike for me. We Started in Queens, went over the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn, rode around Brooklyn and the over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhatten...Then around Manhatten into Little Italy for some Gelato, then we rode this awesome bike trail up along the Hudson River all the way to Central Park, we ate some Chicken over rice from one of tha street carts and then we rode over the Queensboro Bridge and came back home. All in a hard days work.

This is the one picture that Jasin took of me on the Queensboro Bridge. Okay so I started out flying up this incline.....Then I got off and walked then I got back on and rode all the way home. Hey we started at 2pm and this was on the way home at around 8:30pm.

Jasin and John in Central Park. This is the part of the park that the movie When Harry Met Sally was filmed. Love that movie and so does everyone here.

Behind jasin and I is New Jersey and the Hudson River. It was such a perfect day for bikes.

I love this picture....Jasin and John in Sheeps Pasture in Central Park. Johns phone dropped out of his pocket and while we were eating on the other side of the park Jasins mom called and told us someone had his phone. We called the guy and went and met them to get his phone. There are nice people in this world.

Love the flags all over... Little Italy was awesome. We sat at Caffe Palermo and Jasin and John had coffee and I had a water and Cherry Gelato. Yummy.

Jasin had to take a picture by Lafayette St. It was a crazy track to get there. The traffic was crazy and our wonderful tour guide...Jasins brother always took us against the traffic....

Today We are headed to Broadway and 91st street to a scrapbook store. You know I gotta check it out. Actually we are doing the uptown doubledecker bus tour and it is on the way.
More pics tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Amy

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