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CSN Stores Sewing Machine Review or "YEAY I'M A SEAMSTRESS!!!!!"

When CSN Stores approached me about doing a review of one of their products, they said I could pick something out and it was exciting but difficult to choose! They sell about a bazillion cool things! I posted all about that in my previous post here. When I found the Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine I knew that was what I wanted to try! I've never sewn before and have been wanting to for a long time, and this machine said it was good for scrapbooking among other things!!!

I'm excited to report that I LOVE MY NEW BROTHER LS2125i!!!!!!!

Here she is.....
and here is a link to where you can buy it for only $79.99 and free shipping!!! I don't know how long that price will last, but that's what it is right now.

Okay I must admit I was scared. I've been wanting to know how to do basic sewing for crafts for a very long time, but the idea of threading a machine, winding bobbins, etc, etc scared me to death. I tend to want things simple and quick and I'm not the most patient about reading directions - LOL. But today, my scraproom was clean and I had the time, so I decided to pull out my new machine and give it a try.

First, I want to thank those of you that gave me advice on what thread to buy. Here's what I got. I hope it's good. The woman at Joann's said it was...

I got out my machine and I have to tell you the directions were FANTASTIC for a newbie like me....
They were easy to follow and included illustrations all the way through. Plus, there was a separate sheet that showed the different parts of the machine, so I had that out on one side of my machine and the user manual on the other and it was great because I didn't have to keep flipping back and forth to figure out what I was doing.

And guess what?????? I did everything right the first time!!!!! This machine is super easy to use!!! I had no trouble winding the bobbin or threading the machine!!! In less than a half-hour (probably more like 15 minutes) I was sewing!!!!!! Yeayyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Here's my first practice page. I was playing around with the stitches and the tension to see what works best for stitching on paper, but I'm happy with the results!
One question for you scrapbook stitching wizards out there - what do you do with the loose of string at the end of your lines of stitching? I wasn't sure about that.

My ONLY disappointment (and it was minor) was that with the thread on the spool on top, it would no longer fit into my ikea cube. I solved that easily tho, by just lifting the thread off the spool and laying it on it's side. It sits nicely between the bobbin winder peg and the spool peg. That way I won't have to rethread the machine each time I use it...

My final review of the Brother LS2125i is I LOVE IT!!! I give it five out of five stars, for it's ease of use, portability, quality and value for the price!!!! It turned me into a seamstress in less than a half-hour!

Thank you CSN!!!

Once again, here's a link to the sewing machine, and don't forget to check out CSN for tons of other stuff too!
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