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What? My boy didn't get in!

My boy couldn't get in Pre-K. Oh I'm so pissed! My boy needs service! I just don't get it! My boy's parents are DEAF and couldn't talk well! Many of my friends who are hearing and send their child(ren) to preschool due to speech delay or having a difficult time to talk. I just can't picture it how it works. Hollie and I can't talk well!!! My kids have been hang out with deaf children and adults a lot. We don't see our families much (maybe once a year) who are hearing. My kids were exposed hearing through TV, music and a few hearing people around us. I don't fricking get it!!
They said - first serve is for those kids who are in economically disadvantaged families. I told principal that my kids and I are on social security so therefore we are economically disadvantaged families. Principal was a little off guard then she looked at the file, said Hollie works at Gallaudet. I said - that is correct but state of MD doesn't recognize gay marriage all that...And we don't have much money as we are trying to make living. She said she will contact MD state dept of education to follow up with this.

I also explained to her about Kyron's condition. She understood fully. What Kyron has which placed on 3rd category. I was like... What??? economically disadvantaged families come first???? what if that child is fine - can talk, write or even read and still qualified. Principal said - sadly yes. what's second? (Educational Needs -IFSP (IEP like but for under 5 yrs old). Kyron was in third group - something related to different language/communication.

Of course, I was upset. My boy doesn't like to read or write. I do not know how well he speaks. As I'm deaf so is Hollie. Now I have to call childfind service to evaluate him. To see if he's in a need of educational needs or not.

Tomorrow, I'm going to find a pre-K private school for him as I do not want him to be delay or having difficult time when he goes K next year (2011).

Don't get me wrong, principal at other school was very helpful. At the end of our conversation, I told her that please do vote for gay marriage so that we all can be treated fairly especially for children. She said, "your point had taken" Principal said, there might be an avaliable sometime in Sept.

Hollie and I had our discussion last night and we decided to put him preschool/pre-K where we had put Mikaela when she was 3 yrs old. Since they did a very good job with Mikaela. I will be visiting that school tomorrow.

It still bothers me so much... The whole point, it should focus on a child who needs help or prepare for future school setting. Some kids are at RED FLAG for failing education. Kyron is one of them. I'm trying to not to let it happen but with this situation - I'm helpless! I don't get any support from them! I spoke with my mom about it. She was so concerned about it. I even talked with Kyron's doctor, he was concerned too... Told me to contact Child Find (early child intervention program) to focus on his speech/language. I had to get money out of our pocket to pay Kyron to go pre-K this fall. We have no choice! It bites us but might help with Kyron's future.
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