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coaching for hearing kids

Coaching hearing girls - was an interesting experience!

Mikaela wanted me to be coach for her team. I told her that I would prefer to be assistant coach - helping coaches... they begged me to be coach. So, I go ahead and accepted as volunteer coach for my princess's team. I had to laugh... Our girls - like the bad news bear in the movie... Many of them do not have any experience in softball. Alright.... I got two assistants, they were awesome! Big helpful!

It was interesting... When I tapped girls' shoulder, they ignored as if the didn't feel it... Their parents laughed. I had to researched a little... I tapped CODA/KODA kids' shoulders, they look at me... While hearing kids who have hearing parents, of course, most of them ignore! I had to use my damn voice to talk... they were shocked and said you TALK! Duh.. I have mouth, tongue, teeth, voice box and all that! LOL....I just can't hear as I explained to them... I had to explain to them - if you feel me tapping your shoulders - that s me who wants YOUR attention.. :o) They smiled. After few practices, FINALLY they got it - tapped their shoulder means me want your attention.

Girls had extremely improved since first practice and the season is almost done :( Last game as I think June 3rd.

To my surprise, girls' parents do feel easy to talk with me by gesturing, writing, using pager to type, talking, sending me an email, and sometime use my princess M to interpret when needed. I'm glad! As I'm DEAF.

There is some drawbacks, of course. Other team coach met me and discovered that I have assistant coaches who can talk and hear. They go to them, not me. I had to walked and remind other coach - you can talk to them but they can not make decision without me. Sometime, I walked to them and tried talk. They look freak out like I'm going to kill them. Argh.... They kept looking at my assistants. I told them, they are busy... I'm here to talk... After few minutes, they are okay and realized that I don't bite.

I'm glad to get the experience even tho it was challenging. I would prefer coach for deaf kids, can't lie! But I'm glad to get the experience. I did had work with hearing team but I was team parents in the past, most are deaf and/or coda/koda kids...

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