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Carly's back to her happy self. She seems to be feeling great and she just loved playing with her bff little Jay at daycare today. What a sweet girl Carly is. We went to get some dairy free frozen yogurt today and had a fun experience sitting outside together. Tina's on a work trip and we miss her very much. Lucky for us, she's only going to be gone one night and she will come back tomorrow!
Tomorrow, Carly and I also have plans to get our hair done by my niece and my sister is going to make us dinner. My niece is really great at doing hair now! I am so proud of her.
GSA has been keeping me very busy lately. I just LOVE those kids. We went to a fundraiser last weekend and heard Stewart Milk speak, Harvey Milk's nephew. Then our GSA Adviser spoke and between the two of them I was a total mess....and to top it off they called me up to stand beside our gsa adviser!!! The whole thing was so overwhelming and wonderful. Thursday, we have another teacher training, only this time its for my department and my boss will be there. Saturday, we are going Ice Skating which will be a lot of fun! I am the worst ice skater, but I enjoy it.
And, I'm getting excited about SUMMER! 3 more weeks! YIPPEE! This school year feels like it just FLEEEEEEW by.
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