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You win some, you lose some, you always gain some.

Seek, receive, medicate, alleviate, gain a bit of weight, don't give a shit, repeat medicate.

In all.....does it really matter.   I'm a better mom.  bigger and better.   and does this ironically bring to the lips, fat and happy.   Are fat people more jolly ?
We use more soap there's no disputing it. 
Either way the great thing about the medication that caused this weight also keeps me from really caring about it too much.
My inner 20 year old body who wished I'd worn a swim suite everyday, self screams out every once in a while.    I can barely hear her over the medicated white noise in my head though.  Or possibly the echo in my own head of the cheese puffs crunching in my mouth.
My pants miss her, so will my swimming suit.  
I just wonder if the weight gain will top off at 10lbs.  or will it keep working up to 15, maybe 20.  
I wish I could care enough to do something about it.  ah well.   maybe tomorrow.

In the MEANTIME !   A picture.   cuz it's wordless wednesday and since I fucked that all up, I'll post a picture any ways.
Sydney got a new camera for her birthday.    She posed and took this picture and was OH SO proud of it.    "mom, doesn't Cam look GREAT ?" 
I just needed something to make me smile....and this certainly fit the bill.
It reminds me of those emails going around....Awkward Family Photo's.   I think I'll cut and paste this to the bottom of one and keep it circulating.   no no no...I'm kidding.   I'll save it and one day blow it up and decorate his locker with it :) 
oh come on.   we've gotta have fun with them.  they're only ours for a while.   ha ha ha
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