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You're joking, right ?

My kids love to tell jokes.
Problem is.  most of them are tasteless and make ABSOLUTELY no sense at all.

child (pick one, they all sound the same) : knock knock
adult : who's there ?
child : spider
adult : spider who ?
child : spider who pooped on the sidewalk (followed by hysterical laughter)

child : why did the chicken cross the road ?
adult : why ?
child : so that he could poop on the road and die of pooooop (followed by hysterical laughter)

Now.   their jokes are never funny.  rephrase that.  they are never funny to us.   THEY think they are sidesplitting.   Ready to join the likes of Kings of Comedy they are.   I suppose they'd of course need to be black...but just a minor technicality. :)

So the other night we were eating dinner, I was sitting across the table from Nathan who says to me,
Nathan : ding dong
me : who's there ?
Nathan : present
me : oh thank you for the present honey (I begin to pretend open it because that's what I ALWAYS do when I recieve one of his pretend presents)
Nathan : present ind jor face.  (said with kind of an evil fighter he hurled whatever pretend present he was holding toward my face)

Ok FIRST OF ALL.  that he replaced knock knock with ding dong was beyond hilarious in an ingenius kind of way.   and SECOND.  dude.  it actually made a little sense.   I mean it wasn't a breast or thigh....maybe a wing...but there was still some meat on it.

I was so proud of him that I let the fact that he was throwing a present in my face part slide.    I gave him the same warm and encouraging laugh that I give each one of my comedians and continued eating dinner as the others immediately started with their own jokes. (sigh)
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