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Carly slept in her crib all night long! Well, she woke up at 10:30pm, 1:30am, 4:30am and then for the day at 7:30am! The 10:30 time I picked her up and breast fed her and then she fell asleep four times and four times I attempted putting her back in her crib and she would wake up. Finally, i just left while she was crying and she only cried for a minute! What a surprise!!! So, then at 1:30am I breast fed her until she fell asleep and set her in her crib and she woke up again, so I did it again until she was asleep same thing, she woke up so I left and she only cried for a second! Then at 4:30 am I breast fed her and she fell asleep and she didn't wake up when I set her in her crib! Then this morning when I got her at 7:30am I stayed up with her! I'm not going to bring her to our bed anymore. I don't want to confuse her. I'm SO THRILLED! I think we're on the right track!!!
Wish me luck that today that I can make it through the day without breastfeeding!
PS. This morning was the first morning Carly rode her little horse! Normally she is afraid and only wants to drag it! PPS. Gretchen has been telling me to have Carly swim two times a day and I've been lucky if I can get her in the pool once, but what she meant was after the first swim session, get dry, have a snack play...THEN go in one more time before coming in! That way she'll get extra practice. So, I will try that technique next. Carly is REALLY close to being able to swim.
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