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Turmoil Tuesday !

Nathan.  STOP climbing on to my counters and knocking/pouring/spilling all of the shit on to my floor.   This does not exclude turning the faucet on and pulling the handle out giving you plenty of slack to spray water everywhere.
(oh and look at his face.  HE'S pissed.  HE is.  because he's wet and sticky now.  Are you kidding me?)
I have a bungee cord around my kitchen chairs, because they would drag them to the counters and climb up.   I have to put both office chairs in Syd's room because she has a gate at her door, because they would wheel them to my counters and climb up.   Today they started sliding my end table to the counters to climb up and after at least 4-12 times of pulling them down and moving the table back (the table which was pushed over scratching up my already SCRATCHED TO CAT SHIT floors ! ugh)  
I suppose the only other thing to do was to get the cooler, that we didn't use to go to the the water park last week because CLEARLY there wasn't enough room for lunch and drinks in that small thing but it MUST be played with by the older three because, hey check it out...we can load this up with matchbox cars and pencil shavings...and fight over who gets to play with it....any ways...the cooler was then strategically placed up to the counter.  Unable to climb up but at least this way you can reach the bowl of mini wheats that you didn't finish for breakfast that had PLENTY-O time to disintegrate in the milk.   mm hmm.  
Making an even HARDER job to clean up.   Just so you know.   shredded soggy mini wheats roll and don't seem to come up very easily when on a smooth surface.  oh and milk will always find the deepest and darkest places to settle.  for instance under the dishwasher, in between the floor boards.  you know. the places you can't get to. 
Just sayin.

I'm so glad that I took this picture in the morning....because later you spilled a cup full of water all over the entry had 1/2 of the toilet water emptied in to the tub by the time I found you both AND you both took your sisters water bottle and dumped it over the crackers you BEH-EH-EGGED me for....making a nice mushy mess on the carpeted floors I just cleaned a few weeks ago.  Ok, I'm pretty sure that was mostly Ryan's doing...but the toilet thing was ALL you man.  
GIVE me a BREAK motha's.  shit.  Seriously, I honestly can't keep up to you guys.

I am full of these stories every damn day it's a series of events that has me crying in a corner of a room.  honestly.  and my house IS in fact child proofed. see above bungee cord story as reference point

I think the next step is to add barb wire to the counter tops and make you guys a play pen out of electrical fencing.
I've threatened duct tape so many times...but after trying to fix the dog door (that you broke trying to get in to the garage to add Sadie's food to her water, or escape if the garage door happen to be up) with super de duper all strength can hold a 300 pound man suspended 15 feet against a cement wall for several hours, tape....and watching you unravel it in a matter of a minute....I think I need something with a collar and a remote control or something that plugs in or requires batteries that can be attached directly to your central nervous system.
You 2 are NIGHT-of-MARES !

Oh and side note.  BABIES- PLEASE STOP REMOVING YOUR CLOTHING TO THEN REMOVE YOUR DIAPERS SO THAT YOU CAN RUN AROUND PEEING ON MY FLOOR.  and pooping, Nathan.  wait..Ryan you have too.  so.  BABIES.  And Nathan..when you do poop on my floor, please don't use your poop as a runway for your fisher price pull plane. 
Also.  stop playing with everyone's penis's when they are exposed.  Remember our family moto that has been sketched in to the bathroom mirror.  "We don't touch anyone's private parts....only our own" (at least until you are 33)

This ending my first of many blogs about, Why Twins Suck Ass !
It can also be filed away in, The Second Set is Worse Than the First !

  I needed to get this post be completely honest, I have had SUCH a great week with my big boys that I have to say the first set ROCKS right now.  :)
Second still suck ass...even if you're cute.  
Don't sit there and smile at me either.   It won't work.  mama got smart with the first set baby boys.  you are both in T-rubble. 

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