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Day 2 Success!!!

YEAH! We made it through another day! Carly didn't breastfeed until right before she went to sleep then I just set her in her crib and said goodnight! She only cried for about three minutes! IT WAS A MIRACLE! We were extremely busy today, so she was exhausted, but still. That's S E R I O U S progress!
Today was a great day. We started by going to the beach. I thought we'd go find stuff on the beach and put it in her bucket, but turns out Carly's afraid of sand! Have we failed as Californians that our daughter doesn't like sand? ha! It started yesterday at the party when I tried to put her in the sand box. She wouldn't have it for a second! She was okay with being on her blanket on top of our big blanket on the beach, but don't get that sand near her body! We started thinking about the donor and wondering if he had OCD. Too funny!
Carly fell asleep in the car on our way home from the beach today, which was awesome. Then we got our swim in at the pool where we met up with our good friends who drove in from Arizona. Then, we had a Fourth of July party at our friends house who usually do the family play group. After that we went to Indian food and then we went to Bes.t Buy because Tina wanted to buy Carly her own little portable dvd player. CARLY LOVES IT! We've been giving her our phones all the time to watch Moose A or Yo Gabba Gabba on youtube but it stops all the time and Tina just thought it would be cool. Which it is!!! Tomorrow's our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary. We have massages planned and we're going to go on our favorite bike ride and go to our favorite place to eat for lunch. Can't wait. I'm bummed that Tina has to go back to work Tuesday. The weekend went so fast...
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