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Color Matching Watercolor Activity

Watercolor paints are a favorite at our house.  The watercolor name activity is a regular in our craft rotation!!  Anna really enjoys painting with the watercolors and it's so neat to see how controlled with the paint brush she has gotten.

I put this little color matching and painting activity together for her to help develop her skills of staying in the line.  The brushes that come with the watercolor set are a little large, so it's harder to stay in the line with the small circles.  Not to mention that the water itself sometimes runs.   Regardless,  it was a fun little activity and is a keeper to us!!

Supplies needed:
watercolor paint set
watercolor paper

Start by drawing various shapes and various colored circles on your watercolor paper.

Then invite your little one over for some painting fun.  Encourage them to match the color of the circle with the correct colored paint.  Also encourage them to try to stay in the line, but don't make a big fuss about it if they don't.  Having fun is much more important!!

Love the circles!!

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