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True Love ?

I just thought I'd ask you what your opinion of this is.

Do you think that true love is when you meet someone and can't stand to be away from them.   Can't wait to see them again.  Think about them constantly.   and each time your stomach flips and your hands go numb.

Can true love come on slowly.   Take a long time of getting used to each other and your differences.   Can you not be sure for 2 years and then decide....nope, this is the right one for me.   

Can a friendship turn in to true love.   Maybe you didn't really see it and then one day you did feel the butterflies.

I have been lucky enough to know but I've seen so many people who have gotten married or rented the u-haul and don't seem to have the fireworks and heart palpitations.    It's a "decision" or something they need to be "sure" of before committing.
I just wondered if that can also be true love.    Is it ?  

Don't you just KNOW that you are supposed to be with someone ?   Even if you needed to wait for the time to be right or the stars to allign....don't you still just KNOW in your body and questions asked ?

Or maybe we just think that true love is supposed to feel like that....and when the butterflies die down so does the true part of the equation.   Maybe that's why so many people break up.    

Just wondering.   What do you think ?
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