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I was doing so good all week as a single mom, while Tina was in Mexico until Friday morning...
Before I talk about Friday morning, I just want to say that my mornings began full force at 5am so I could shower and be ready before Carly woke up and the day didn't end until 11pm with noooo break! It was nonstop with one 2 year old.
So, Friday morning Carly woke up before me at 5am and she was very upset. She didn't want her usual banana and water and back to sleep...or her usual breakfast. She couldn't figure out what she wanted, except she wanted to be held and didn't want me to sit down with her. She let me look at her throat with a flash light and a spoon to hold her tongue down..say "AHHHH". She's great at that! Her throat looked alittle red, so I gave her Tylenol. Then I changed her diaper and she had diahrea. Hmm. The throat could have been nasal drip and well, she'd been asking for a ton of juice lately, and I thought, maybe she had too much. I took her temperature and she didn't have a temp and I figured Tylenol would take away pain if she had a sore throat. It usually works like a charm. So, we get ready...everything taking longer than normal...and we arrive at daycare with an hour and a half to spare before my class started. I decided to mention to Ms A that Carly seemed to have a sore throat, cause she wasn't eatting and well...diahrea probably from too much juice. Ms A was getting nervous. She didn't want to have a sick child infect the rest of the kids. She seemed I told her that I could take her home and I would just get a sub for the day. I called our subline and I was told that they were already short 6 subs this morning and today was a bad day to be sick. I told them that I would go to work then and started freaking out because I didn't know what I was going to do with Carly. I went back to Carly's daycare and told Ms A what happened and in the process my emotions took over and I started a total freak. Poor A. I hate it when I do that. (Combination of lack of sleep, pms and desperation) Ms. A was SOOOOO nice to me and offered to take Carly and just keep her separate from the rest of the kids. Her kindness overwelmed me and produced more sobs. (DORK) So, when I go to pass Carly off, Carly senses that her mom is upset and doesn't want to let go. All I could think about was "OMG, I hope to god I'm not leaving Carly now, to infect all these other kids..." I felt like CRAP. I didn't know what to do and I was beating myself up for not just calling in for a sub earlier. Carly got in a much better mood as soon as I left and Ms A said she wasn't completely herself, but she was doing okay. After school I took Carly to her doctor who said Carly's throat wasn't really sore looking. Then she said,"Hey, isn't Carly getting some teeth? She's Teething!" I asked about the diahrea and she said kids can get that from teething too. I WAS SO RELIEVED! I called Ms. A right away. After having all day to process what happened and how I could have handled that situation better (instead of having an emotional break down) I decided if that ever happens again and I need a sub and they won't let me have one, then I will just bring Carly to work with me until someone can come get her. Next child around I'll know that teething can make it so children don't want to eat and even give them diahrea... or a fever...
ANYWAY, normally Tina's in the country! Speaking of which, its so great to have her home! WE MISSED YOU MOMMY!
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