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Rainy days and Mondays....

.....and colds and tantrums, always get me down.
I have the cold, the kids are throwing the tantrums.

A friend posted this on facebook today and as a huge carpenter fan I decided it only appropriate to post.  

The bonus and only good thing in this is....I have a super sexy phlegm voice so I sound kinda like her singing.   OR.   my ears are so congested that I THINK I sound like her.    Either way, good for me.  not so good for anyone around me.

Who thinks it inappropriate to drink Nyquil and fall asleep after lunch ?   by a raise of hands.  not so much huh ?
OK...then, who thinks it appropriate to give the kids Nyquil and then we can ALL fall asleep ?   perfect.   that's what I'll do then.   :)
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