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WOW! Yesterday two people asked me if Carly was my only baby or if i planned to have more kids...and it got me thinking. After giving Carly her bath, I told Tina that I was feeling ready to get pregnant again (YIKES!) My mother has been drilling me to have kids four years apart to make it easier, but everyone I talk to says 3 years is the best time apart for the kids. We also have all this baby stuff stored in the garage and its always on my mind. I was scared to have kids close in age in case we have twins...but all of a sudden I'm not worried. We had always planned to get pregnant so we'd have the baby right before summer too, because i get summers off... but Tina mentioned, "Why don't we just do it now!!!" and it got me all excited!!!
I think it would be nice to have the summer off to be pregnant in case I'm tired etc. I spoke to our day care provider and she said she'd watch our baby/babies at whatever age. What a sweet heart she is....always so positive and supportive. ANYWAY, YIKES! I can't believe we're talking about this! Tina's running down lists of names and we're so excited! We have a consultation with our IVF doctor on Wednesday the 27th to talk about cost for FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). I think she will start me on progesterone shots and all of this could happen in a matter of weeks if she's available to do the transfer! I won't really know for sure until I talk with her.
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