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What a terrific day! We had so much fun! Our best friends made the most delicious egg casserole for brunch with fresh bagels and loxs. YUM-MY! We are SO happy they moved to the west coast! This weekend was action packed. We are all completely WIPED and tomorrow is my early day at work, so we have to get it in gear. So much to do! So much to do. Friday, I felt very sad, because my dear friend was told she wont be coming back next year due to cutbacks. She was hired only a year after me, so I had a tiny bit of seniority over her. So scary. I hope she can find another job.
My appointment is Wednesday. I'm REALLY excited. I have my moments that I am scared that I'll get pregnant with twins and go on bed rest etc, but then I look at Carly and I know we are doing the right thing.
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