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Well hello there !

1/2 empty or 1/2 full.
We didn't have internet access until the last 2 days of our trip.  which happened to be our busiest days...we spent exactly NO time at our house.  
The only extremely slow service I was able to get was on J's phone and then, her phone broke a few days in to the trip.
I suppose it's easy to see both the good and bad in that.

What isn't so hard to catagorize....
Ocean - good
Sand - bad
Hooking up with friends from Utah - good
The heat at the San Diego Wild Animal Park - bad
Meeting a blogger friend - good
Cameron nearly drowning not once but twice at her pool - bad
Wedding reception WITH babysitter - good
Open bar, no alcohol - bad
Super awesome photographer and friend meeting us at the beach - GOOD
Trying to get the kids to look at awesome photographer and friend - bad
Knowing she can do magic - good
7 people in a 4 person hotel room - bad
The hotel swimming pool - good
Nathan pooping in said pool - bad...REALLY REALLY BAD !
St George Pizza and Pasta - good
Weight gain - bad
Coming home - bad

Getting home - good

I have so much laundry to do and bags to unpack....which in itself seems pretty doable.   That's IF Ryan wouldn't fill buckets of sand from the sand box and drag it through my house leaving large piles all over and then kick and brush and dance in the piles to further spread them out.  And if Nathan wouldn't dump out the basket of shoes to use it to climb up on my counters, so that he can pour the big boys breakfast milk all over the counters down my cupboards and onto my floors. 
ya, that would help.

We're home.   It was a WONDERFUL trip.
I was able to read almost everyone's blogs.    Congratulations to all of the recent positives.   Bless you to all of the expecting multiple's.    Good luck to those still trying.   Lots of safe traveling to those of you out on the roads and much love to those of you needing some right now.

What can you expect to hear from me soon.  
- Big families ROCK !
- My wife ROCKS even more !
- I love Marguerite
- Twins suck ass
- The second set is worse than the first set
- How to tape up wallpaper that has been ripped from the wall of a rented house as to not draw attention to it
- How to make smoothies with alcohol so that nobody knows.

I know.  you can't wait right ?! :-)

I leave you now with pictures of the house we rented.   Super nice to have a house.   Perfectly located. 
Damage - wallpaper peelage in the lower level bathroom (taped)
              - broken empty flower pot on patio (put in the garbage, nobody will ever know)
              - clasp on a decorative box sitting on my nightstand (put back together)
              - screen door leading to patio (put back on it's sliders)
Not too shabby for a week with 2 nearly 2 year olds who have to touch everything and 2 nearly 4 year olds who have to fight over everything that they touch.

Dining room table seats 8
The kids bedrooms were decorated so cute.
The kids each got a new toy to play with.  They all happened to be dart guns :) nice 
Master bath with mirrored closets before they were covered with little tiny handprints
Nate.  my little party pooper !

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