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Tour de France!!!

As some of you might know, the Tour de France started in the Netherlands this year!!
In Rotterdam to be exact and today they had to go from Rotterdam all the way to Brussels (Belgium) that is about 149 miles.
And they past Heenvliet, how exciting is that!!!!
Of course we walked up to the road to see Lance and his buddies!!!!

We had to wait for a long time, lucky to say the weather was great!!

And finally there are the 3 first runners!!

And after a few minutes the rest, Lance is somewhere in between!! It took them 10 sec to pass us!!!!

We thought this was very scary, see the electricity cables!!
And a week ago a helicopter crashed while they where reporting a tour and 2 of the 3 men inside died, that happened about 6 miles from our home!!

That's it for today, just wanted to share this with you!!

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